3. those are SO perfect.

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  4. So this is one of my most wanted pieces, which is way to expensive for me. - Wildfox Bel Air Sunglasses!

    I’ve been looking for a cheaper alternative and here is what I found:

    the best i’ve found:
    1 - peachy round sunglasses at Topshop for 32$
    and the even cheaper ones:
    2 - nude round glasses by ASOS for ~ 14$

  5. oh my god, I NEED this. Ima cry.

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  6. So about Studs..
    We all see them ev erywhere now, but dont you feel like me and sometimes think, that you cant see them anymore, even though you liked them?! It has gone too far, but here are a few pieces to add studs to your Outfit and still keep it chic and don’t have to spend a lot.

    1 - bracelet by Mango
    2 - studs for your Nails at Topshop
    3 - sandals by Hope at Topshop
    4 - studded leather bag by Zara
    5 - skirt by H&M Divided


  7. doing that now!

  8. icy-fashion:


    this is perf, I’m planning on sewing me something like this.

  9. ajourneytomilkyway:

    burgundy wave by rosiee22 featuring strappy shoes ❤ liked on Polyvore

    Jason Wu collared shirt / Helmut Lang denim skinny jeans, $140 / ASOS strappy shoes / Zipper purse, $53 / River Island leopard print jewelry / Witchery retro eyewear, $37 / Bottega Veneta body moisturizer

    Give me omg. 

  10. I think this is one of the best fragrances ever made, its my favourite. Just smells so fresh. 

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